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Director Ardlinn Executive Search Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Northern Ireland

Áine joined the Cpl Group as an executive in August 2015 and is Founder Director of Ardlinn, Cpl’s executive search brand. She is an expert in supporting organisations with their recruitment, talent and outsourcing needs, as well as helping them to set up in new jurisdictions.

Email: [email protected] Call: +44 7584048153

Email: Call:

Áine spent over three years as SVP Business Development with Invest Northern Ireland in San Francisco where she led a team responsible for driving Foreign Direct Investment and International trade and export. She and her team assisted over 10 US based companies to establish successful operations and RD facilities in Northern Ireland including Puppet Labs, Alertlogic, Proofpoint, Intel, GoDaddy, Apple and WhiteHat Security.

Prior to Invest NI, Áine was a Director of Executive Search for London-based Penna plc, a global HR services company where she led their executive recruitment practice in Ireland and recruited over 100 C-Level executives for global enterprises.

“Ardlinn were methodical and professional in their approach to filling this particularly challenging role for us and within seven weeks had found us our ideal candidate. We were so impressed by the speed of delivery that we are now working in partnership with Ardlinn on another very strategic role for our organization. I would highly recommend Ardlinn as one of the top International search firms we have ever engaged.”

‘We have been deeply impressed by the Ardlinn executive recruitment team. Their understanding of our organization and culture and appreciation of the type of leaders we like to recruit has been second to none. We have a rigorous and challenging recruitment process which many suppliers are unable to work within but Ardlinn got it, added value at all stages and engaged some of the most impressive candidates we have ever come across for our organization.’

‘The Ardlinn team were professional, consultative and helpful at all times throughout the CEO recruitment process, a true partner and adviser to the board. Following on from the successful recruitment of our CEO, we continued to work with Ardlinn on a number of other executive positions within the organization and we highly recommend Áine and her team.’

When migrating from any build tool to Bazel, it’s best to have both build tools running in parallel until you have fully migrated your development team, CI system, and any other relevant systems. You can run Maven and Bazel in the same repository.

The steps below describe how to migrate your project to Bazel:

Examples below come from a migration of the nice kicks air jordan 4 oreo and fashion
from Maven to Bazel. The Guava project used is release 22.0. The examples using Guava do not walk through each step in the migration, but they do show the files and contents that are generated or added manually for the migration.

Create a file named WORKSPACE at the root of your project. If your project has no external dependencies, the workspace file can be empty.

If your project depends on files or packages that are not in one of the project’s directories, specify these external dependencies in the workspace file. To automate the listing of external dependencies for the workspace file, use the tool generate_workspace . For instructions about using this tool, see Generate a WORKSPACE file for a Java project .

Below are the results of using the tool generate_workspace to list the Guava project's external dependencies.

The new WORKSPACE file contains:

The new BUILD file in the directory third_party enables access to external libraries. This BUILD file contains:

The generated generate_workspace.bzl file contains:

Now that you have your workspace defined and external dependencies (if applicable) listed, you need to create BUILD files to describe how your project should be built. Unlike Maven with its one pom.xml file, Bazel can use many BUILD files to build a project. These files specify multiple build targets, which allow Bazel to produce incremental builds.

Add BUILD files in stages. Start with adding one BUILD file at the root of your project and using it to do an initial build using Bazel. Then, you refine your build by adding more BUILD files with more granular targets.

In the same directory as your WORKSPACE file, create a text file and name it BUILD .

In this BUILD file, use the appropriate rule to create one target to build your project. Here are some tips:

Use the appropriate rule:

Specify the attributes:


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